Toxic Lemon "Olive Hoodie"
Toxic Lemon "Olive Hoodie"
Toxic Lemon "Olive Hoodie"
Toxic Lemon "Olive Hoodie"

Toxic Lemon "Olive Hoodie"

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It's okay to live a life that others don't understand. Turn off your TV, throw on this little hoodie and go outside!

- All clothes are woven in top quality from recycled polyester and organic cotton that follows Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Toxic Lemon

The world is full of fake news, evil people and imitators; companies that want your soul at any cost. We do not want to support the abuse. We want to make a difference!

All designs reflect our view of this twisted world. The clothing is manufactured in the EU, in factories that meet high standards for both clothing production and treatment of the employees. We only use colors that have all the necessary approvals to ensure the best possible quality.

“One day everything will be fine; that is our hope. All is well today; it is our illusion.”


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